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    2009.07.14, 11:12
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    Budajenő KSE
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    haverom mutatta

Are you an active supporter? Do you go to the stadium regularly?

kb 4-5 éve

Which was the first match you saw live at a football ground?

Budajenő KSK - Visegrád

Your favorite place at the stadium?


The best match you ever saw?

Your favorite stadium? Why?

Budajenő Stadion

Who is responsible for the current bad condition of Hungary's football and what can be done better?

Anyád tehet mindenről

When will the Hungarian national team survive the qualifying round for a EC / WC?


Do you play football yourself?

Other interests besides football?


If you were a referee...

If you were MLSZ president...

If you were UEFA/FIFA president...