1. Puskás Ferenc Stadium
    Puskás Ferenc Stadium The national stadium (formerly Népstadion, People’s Stadium).  
  2. stadionok: NB I, NB II
    Division I and II First and second division stadia and sports grounds.  
  3. Division III
    Division III Third division stadia and sports grounds.  
  4. Counties League Grounds
    Counties League Grounds Counties league grounds and stadiums, grouped by division.  
  5. Budapest Grounds
    Budapest Grounds Budapest sports grounds and stadia, grouped by division. Includes maps for Budapest stadia.  
  6. Training Grounds
    Training Grounds Training grounds and alternative (eg. B team or academy team) grounds.  
  7. Other / disused grounds
    Other / disused grounds Former football grounds now user for different purposes (eg. athletics) or disused.  
  8. Demolished grounds
    Demolished grounds Demolished stadia and sports grounds.  
  9. Visualizations
    Visualizations Visualizations of recent or not-yet complete stadium developments.  
  10. Panorama
    Panorama Panoramic photographs of Hungarian stadia and sports grounds.  
  11. Leagues
    Leagues Stadium and sports ground listings, grouped by division. From the national top league to the fourth tier of the counties leagues.  
  12. Missing Stadium Pictures
    Missing Stadium Pictures Please help us with photographs for these grounds.  
  13. News
    News News regarding Hungarian stadia and sports grounds.  
  14. Stadium Game
    Stadium Game Which stadium is in the picture?  

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