1. Hungarian National Team
    Hungarian National Team The Hungarian national football team.  
  2. Logos
    Logos Crests/logos of all hungarian football teams.  
  3. Division I and II
    Division I and II Hungarian first- and second-division teams.  
  4. Division III
    Division III The third level teams.  
  5. County teams
    County teams County level teams, grouped by division.  
  6. Budapest teams
    Budapest teams All Budapest football and sports clubs.  
  7. Diaspora
    Diaspora Formerly Hungarian teams, from locations which are no longer a part of Hungary.  
  8. Youth / Other
    Youth / Other Youth and other clubs.  
  9. Extinct clubs
    Extinct clubs Extinct clubs.  
  10. Leagues
    Leagues Teams grouped by division, from the national first division to the fourth tier of the counties leagues.  
  11. Other Assortments
    Other Assortments Eg. Lists of all clubs founded in a certain year.  
  12. Football team pictures
    Football team pictures Team photos and squad lists of all hungarian football clubs.  
  13. Missing Data
    Missing Data Teams for which we are missing club colours and/or date of foundation.